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Hi, we’re FORCES. 


I started writing this thing yesterday, and failed horribly because it started sounding all wrong and third person-y.  You know, like “someone else’s” take on who we are and what we do. But that wasn’t feeling right.  Then in the shower this morning, I thought ‘fuck it’ – just start telling our story and see where it goes.    


So, let me begin.  I’m Jessica and this guy, always to my right, is Dave.  Jess and Dave. Dave and Jess. It’s been that way for over 20 years.  Do the math.  Yup.  That’s over half my life. It feels like we’ve done everything together, in life and music and honestly, we know no other way of living.  Always together.


We had a band for a really long time.  It was called The Golden Dogs.  Maybe you’ve heard of it, maybe not.  We had some mild success (very mild), but more importantly, by having the wealth of extremely talented musicians we had playing in our band, we built a community of incredible musicians. Bands and artists like Zeus, Taylor Knox, Wax Atlantic, and Brave Shores all have players that have cut their teeth playing in the Golden Dogs. To this day, these musicians are still like family and we couldn’t exist without their love and support.

Golden Dogs played all over North America and a bit in the UK. Drove thousands of hours. We’ve had the chance to play some really great, sweaty shows. We’ve also opened for biggies like Sloan, Feist, Bloc Party, Libertines, Kaiser Chiefs, Thurston Moore and even the late Roky Erickson (twice!). But, all good things come to an end.